The Grand-Opening of the Pinnacle Training Center Open House in Atlanta

eliteBDC Friends,

I am inviting you to the Grand-Opening of the Pinnacle Training Center Open House in Atlanta this April with 20 selected educators and trainers throughout the country in one area.  They are listed below.

Through eliteBDC, this event is free for Dealers, GM’s, and Platform Operators who attend and $95 for each additional guest.

This event is $795 for each attendee, $295 for GSM’s and Managers that attend without the Dealer, GM, and/or Platform Manager with my code “elite” and $95 for each additional attendee.

Click below to go to the event-website or text / call me:

A Message from Jonathan Dawson: Founder of the Pinnacle Society and Training Center: 

Hello, I’m Jonathan Dawson, and I’m the founder of Sellchology and the Pinnacle Society. It’s possible you may know of me from industry events like NADA (I’m an 18-time speaker), or CBT News (I have my own show called “Mind Your Own Business”, other publications like Forbes, or social media posts. I know this next part is possibly going to sound like hype, but it’s not, so please let me explain the reason I’m excited to invite you. Why am I excited? Because this is an exclusive party for the GRAND OPENING of a new training facility designed with your dealership in mind. I know that some people tend to mentally check-out or roll their eyes when they hear/read the word “training”. But I trust that’s not you – or even if it was, please allow me to share with you why this training facility is unlike anything else (literally a first of its kind) – to my knowledge, it’s never been done before. (more details coming in about 30 more seconds, so hold on it gets better)

The reason I want you to attend with eliteBDC, as our guest, is because we will be joining 20+ of the top speakers and subject-matter experts (listed below) and close to 100 of the top dealers and managers in the automotive industry for the Grand Opening of the Pinnacle Training Center. It’s a state-of-the-art training facility designed for dealers and managers JUST LIKE YOU.

Here’s the basic details of the Grand-Opening:


April 11th & 12th 2022


11th – 8am to 5pm (Sessions) & 7pm to 10pm (Social/Mixer)

12th – 8am to 3:30pm (Sessions)


Preferred rates available at a Hyatt (.5 miles from Center) or Marriott (1.5 miles from Center) details on the site.


Rate(s): $795 per person! BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE… Because eliteBDC is sponsoring this event AND inviting you, it’s 100% FREE for any Executive-level Manager  (Dealer, GM, or Platform Operator) who is one of their clients! AND, if an Executive-level manager comes and wants to bring any Director-level manager (GSM, BDC-Dir., F&I Dir., Service Dir., etc) then the “Director-level” guest(s) is only $95 – NOT $795!  ALSO, if any Director-level managers want to go by themselves, without an Executive-level Manager, they can use this $500 OFF Discount Code: ”elite“ to go for only $295 instead of $795!

Register now, if you are wanting to attend OR, if you are still not sure, (and since you’ve come this far) you can read the “longest version” below. CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED THOUGH… you will probably close yourself in the next 90 seconds if you keep reading.