I started eliteBDC to aid dealerships and their BDC associates with staffing needs, structured onboarding processes and procedures, coaching, and continuing education. My personal goal is to provide affordable, specialized BDC training for all personnel, custom tailored to the dealership’s individual operating preferences, in an effort to maximize dealership profitability. EliteBDC provides the right tools and the proper training for associates to succeed in their roles.
Sara Hoagey CEO eliteBDC

The eliteBDC team includes over 100 automotive experienced employees who strive to increase customer engagement, showroom traffic, and accountability. Sara Hoagey and staff have been in the automotive industry since 1999 and held every position in a dealership from variable to fixed operations.

We succeed in helping dealers dominate their market through established techniques and strategies while utilizing proven technologies. We have customized hundreds of CRMs around the country and are emerging into the global market.

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