When is it time for your dealership to have a BDC?

Maintaining excellent relationships with existing customers and establishing fresh ones with new customers is vital to your business’ success for dealerships. However, there are different approaches to building client relationships, depending on the size of your dealership.

Typically, new dealerships can handle most of their logistical needs independently. This includes things like maintaining accurate inventory, employee management, and any marketing techniques you use. However, as you grow your dealership business, you’ll need to implement new management systems to stay on top of your business.

One of the most common management implementations dealerships make is starting a BDC (Business Development Center).  Once opened, a BDC will act as your central business hub for furthering customer connections. BDCs enable your dealership to take its customer relations management and engagement building objectives to the next level.

An auto dealer BDC isn’t the right move for all dealerships, mainly because it adds an extra logistical burden that brings no real value to the company. To find out if your dealership needs a BDC, continue reading.

What size dealership needs a BDC?

In reality, only medium-sized and large dealerships need a BDC. There are several reasons for this. The first one is a need for an improved workflow to help you keep up with scalability demands. When your business begins to scale at an accelerated rate, you’ll need to hire more employees who can handle the workload’s brunt, which in turn takes some of the focus away from more procuration items like marketing and advertising.

It doesn’t stop there; there are many other perks to incorporating a BDC into your dealership operations. Here are the main benefits of a BDC:

  • Extend the reach of your sales team
  • Increase appointment bookings
  • Reduce your amount of lost customer acquisitions
  • Build more meaningful relationships with your customers
  • Optimize the customer follow-up process
  • Improve customer retention
  • Convert more of your leads
  • Manage parts inventory
  • Inbound call handling

Without a BDC, trying to manage all of these things while scaling your business can be nearly impossible. Having a dedicated department that can sort through these various items will improve the quality of your business operations substantially.

Much like a car, dealerships have to run like well-oiled machines to achieve astronomical success. With a BDC at your disposal, your business will be able to handle all variables vital to day-to-day operations while simultaneously furthering your business on the back-end.

How to scale your auto dealership

If you’re interested in establishing a BDC center for your dealership but don’t want to do it alone, there is a solution. EliteBDC is a premier virtual BDC for dealerships looking to increase new lead acquisition, manage appointments, and build better customer relationships.

EliteBDC offers customizable solutions that further help your dealership, regardless of how big or moderately sized it may be. EliteBDC has multiple ways to promote your dealership via social media, phone, online chats, private messages, and more.

Contact EliteBDC today so you can start optimizing the logistics of your dealership!

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